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Our Farm


Wyatt, Sally, Barry, Liz & Emily Potter

Both sets of Barry's grandparents moved to the Temiskaming area in the early 1900s to establish farming operations. Philip and Helen purchased the present-day farm in 1958, cleared land and put in tile drains. They named the farm Golden Meadow Farms after Birdsfoot Trefoil, a lucrative cash crop of the 1970s and the Charolais-cross cattle they raised from crossing their Hereford cow base with Charolais. In 1975, the first purebred Charolais were purchased, and now the herd is primarily purebred.

Liz grew up on a dairy farm in Elmvale, ON. She and Barry met at the University of Guelph and married in 1993. They have 3 children: Emily, Wyatt and Sally. Liz manages the farm day-to-day and Barry works as an Agriculture Development Advisor and Livestock Specialist for OMAFRA in the north.

In 1998, Barry and Liz purchased the farm from Phil and Helen. Currently the farm is a purebred Charolais breeding operation. Bulls are sold to other farms for breeding and females are sold the third Saturday in October

at a purebred Charolais sale in partnership with 5 other farms. Some calves are sold at weaning to a local feedlot. The farm makes extensive use of fixed-time A.I. and embryo transfer to introduce new genetics to the herd.

Emily graduated from the University of Guelph in the spring of 2018 and now works for the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance as the Executive Director. She manages the show string and has plans to take over the farm.

Contact Barry, Liz or Emily for more information on cattle for sale.

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